The UN-Coupon

Free, Easy & Green. As a VIP Member, you will NEVER have to purchase, print or provide a coupon…EVER! VIP Members Corp. is the creator of the "UN-Coupon" - the free, easy, and green method of receiving exclusive daily deals from your favorite restaurants and retailers via personalized text messages sent to your cell phone.

The UN-Coupon eliminates:
  • the risk of paying in advance
  • the hassle of presenting a coupon
  • the waste of printing out paper coupons.
Simply present the personalized text message to your favorite VIP Member restaurant or retailer, and you will receive free items and discounts based on your personal preferences. VIP Members don't need coupons; they get the deals and the service they deserve because of who they are - loyal, frequent customers!

VIP Members have exclusive access to free VIP Member Perks at merchants they choose, not whatever random daily deal is offered them. And joining VIP Members is FREE!

Here's how it works:
  1. Become a VIP Member.
  2. Select the merchants in your area you frequent (and nominate new ones!).
  3. Receive notification of exclusive VIP Member Perks via email and text.
  4. Show up and receive VIP treatment and offers...WITHOUT A COUPON!
It's that simple! Join VIP Members today, get the treatment you deserve and cut the hassle not the coupon.
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