VIP Perks
As a VIP Member, you enjoy a special status with the merchants you already frequent, and you are entitled to free VIP Members Perks available to members only without EVER prepaying, printing or presenting coupons.

VIP Member Perks include:
  • Exclusive VIP Members-only deals
  • Priority seating at restaurants and special events
  • Upgrades and/or priority check-in at hotels
  • Dedicated personal service based on your personal preferences
  • A variety of complimentary items, such as meals, drinks or desserts may be provided by your favorite VIP Merchants
  • A one-of-a-kind VIP Members Rewards Program
  • Plus many more
As a VIP Member, you control the merchant information you receive based on your preferences and lifestyle without the hassles of purchasing coupons and receiving offers from merchants in whom you have no interest.

Our local experts evaluate the quality of each merchant member to ensure that you have remarkable experiences and exceptional services. Our merchants are the best your city has to offer.

Click HERE to become a VIP Member today, receive the treatment you deserve and cut the hassle not the coupon.

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