Become a Merchant
VIPs are the heart of every business—they are the frequent, loyal customers that merchants depend on for their profitability. This extraordinary relationship is the result of careful attention to the habits and preferences of key VIP clients. In the past, building this quality relationship with VIP clients has required a great deal of time, effort and money on the part of the merchant. But now…VIP Members makes it possible for merchants and retailers to make all clients and customers feel like VIPs, increasing their frequency of visits and referring more new business to the merchant.

As a merchant you know you want more people in your establishment, and not just the penny-pinchers waving a prepaid discount coupon. You want to reward frequent, loyal customers who will bring friends and tell others about your business. The question becomes, "How do I quickly and continuously get those kinds of people here without spending a fortune or selling deeply discounted coupons to the public?"

VIP Members has created a unique, coupon-less program, The "UN-Coupon", which will generate increased traffic, repeat clients and brand exposure to your market for just pennies per customer.

Here are even more benefits:
  • You don't cheapen your brand value by selling discounted coupons for your products
  • Immediately increase sales to current customers and new customers quickly
  • Precisely-targeted marketing reaches your exact customer demographic when they want to buy
  • It's automated
  • You're not limited one deal per month like other daily deal programs
  • Literally pennies per customer
  • You nor your customers ever have to deal with coupons
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